Big Hot Spot LInk

Your story doesn't end after pregnancy;
in fact it just begins...

Styles for any chapter & beyond

The edited story:

No ruching? No problem. Stretch this look with a relaxed top and side-panel shorts. bird print sleeve jacket, white ribbed tank, side-panel roll hem short

The character additions

Belts and layers freshen a look for true personalized pregnancy to parenthood style. Jessica Simpson denim jacket, poplin dot off-shoulder dress.

The long story:

For an ending with max appeal, a full skirt works with almost any top! Knotted tee, blue mitred maxi, white crossback tee

The title piece:

Versatile stripes move from maternity to new mom in a sleek, straight line. Lace-up midi dress, blue chambray button front


We get it, no one wants to invest in a temporary wardrobe. We heard you and reworked our styles to be worn through all the stages of pregnancy, and right into parenthood. Forget borrowing your friend’s/sister’s/cousin’s maternity clothes… build your closet with a capsule collection of clothing that continues to look good through all trimesters, including the 4th: new mom!

All of our pregnancy pieces, down to our pants, are made to be worn after delivery. Our belly panels, side-ruching, and extra stretchy styles are not meant for just nine months. In fact, your hardworking body needs time to rebound post-partum, and there is no shame in wearing maternity clothing as it does so, especially when the styles are so fashion-forward! Wear Now/Wear After looks are crafted with materials that stretch with growing curves. However, they will fully retain their shape, so they flatter non-pregnant bodies too. Details such as belt placements and hidden nursing features help you keep the looks you love longer. Many of our moms are relying on their styles to help them breastfeed and pump more efficiently. Many pieces from the Wear Now/ Wear After collection include lift-up, pullover, or “secret” nursing accessibility. Motherhood® takes its name seriously, understanding that new moms are busy, their bodies are changing too, and they need clothing that works for them. So, don’t think of it as a temporary fix… think of it as shopping for the new you, now and after baby makes his or her debut!