The Best Maternity Pants for Every Stage of Pregnancy

A good pair of maternity pants will go the distance during your pregnancy. Comfort is key, but style should never be forsaken. The best maternity pants include technical details, such as leg compression, stretchy fabrics and patented belly-fit offer comfort and support as your bump grows. From work-ready trousers to everyday leggings and joggers, we’ve got you covered with maternity pants for every occasion and trimester.

You'll soon be as obsessed with these casual-cool pants as we are. The side panel makes it easy to be true to your personal style while staying comfortable from morning to night.
Whether you're heading out or staying put, the luxe leggings are an essential style you need in your basics collection. Soft and versatile for dressing up or down. The A Pea in the Pod Luxe Collection features a premium knit that retains its shape so you can keep it in the rotation throughout - and long after - pregnancy.
When shopping for maternity pants, it is all about versatility. Find a pair of professional-looking maternity pants that fit the part for work and dressier occasions.
Strike a power pose while feeling your best in the Secret Fit Belly straight leg pant. The bi-stretch design grows with you so you can feel confident in the boardroom and beyond. These professional pants are a versatile find that with endless ways for you to style.
The mother of all maternity pants! The Maia, our #1 work pants, are crafted from smooth, stretchy fabric that retains its shape. This versatile, style is skinny through leg & ankle, and our patented Secret Fit Belly supports you through all 3 trimesters.
The perfect pair of light wash maternity jeans for all of your bump adventures! Our Secret Fit Belly Straight Leg Maternity Jeans flatter during any trimester so you can keep rocking denim as your bump grows. You'll love the straight leg cut for styling with sneakers and sandals. Wear these jeans from 1st to 4th, mama!
Give your back a break with the BumpLift Maia Maternity Pants! Featuring silicone flocking that cradles the bump, these pants relieve pressure from your back and provide light support. You deserve a break, mama, and you'll get one in these pants. In a flattering skinny leg, wear them for work, weekends, or whenever!
These mid-rise jeans feature a side panel that grows with you, so you can wear your signature style while being comfortable all pregnancy long. This silhouette is also part of Joes Earth Conscious Collection, made with eco-friendly stretch denim that reduces water usage and cuts down on chemicals.
Wardrobe Essential: Stylish Maternity leggings They are your go-to for everyday wear. For before, during and after pregnancy, you will practically live in maternity leggings.
Mama, meet your new go-to yoga pants. The Essential Secret Fit Belly Maternity Yoga Pants are unbelievably soft and supportive, thanks to the Secret Fit Belly. They're easy to style whether you're headed to yoga, the grocery store, or just lounging around. You'll reach for these bump-friendly & trendy pants all pregnancy and beyond!
Mama, prepare to be cozy in these super light, super soft, weightless to the touch maternity leggings. Featuring our Secret Fit Belly waistband that can be pulled entirely over your bump or gently folded below it - these maternity leggings will support you through all 40 weeks and well into becoming a new mom. These leggings are perfect for layering with your favorite hoodie or a soft tunic to complete your comfortable ensemble.

Mastering Maternity Wear: Tips and Tricks

Navigating the wide world of maternity wear can seem daunting at first. With a growing belly and fluctuating body size, how do you keep up with fashion while ensuring the utmost comfort? Whether you're in your first trimester or postpartum, these tips will help you seamlessly integrate the best maternity styles into your wardrobe.

Know Your Fabrics

Look for stretchy materials like spandex and modal, which not only cater to your growing bump but also ensure comfort. Moisture-wicking fabrics are a bonus, especially for active pregnant women.

Invest inVersatility

A pair of the best maternity jeans can be dressed up with a blouse and a blazer for work or paired with a T-shirt for a casual day out. Similarly, maternity leggings are not just for lounging. With the right accessories, they can be on-trend and suited for various occasions.

PrioritizeBelly Support

As your baby bump grows, you'll want to invest in pants with features like a full panel, side panel, or the Secret Fit Belly band. These offer much-needed belly support, ensuring you remain comfy through every stage of pregnancy.

Explore All Styles

Don't limit yourself to just skinny jeans or straight-leg pants. Bootcut, wide-leg, and joggers are equally stylish and can flatter different body types, including petitemoms-to-be. High-rise pairs of maternity jeans can be particularly supportive during the third trimester.

Embrace YourPre-Pregnancy Style

Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you have to completely change your fashion sense. If you loved wearing jeggings or midi dresses before, there are maternity versions of those too!

Plan forPostpartum

Think beyond yoga and the stages of pregnancy. Some maternity clothes, like sweatpants with elastic waistbands or full belly panels, can also be beneficial for postpartum. Also, consider items like bras designed for nursing.

Size Matters

Maternity sizes can differ from your regular clothing sizes. It's crucial to find a size range that accommodates your current fit and provides enough room for your expanding baby bump. Don't be hesitant to explore XXL or other sizes, ensuring they offer the best fit throughout your pregnancy journey.

Don't Break the Bank

While it might be tempting to splurge on that pair of high-end maternity denim, remember that there are equally stylish and comfy options at various price points. However, investing in a few quality pieces, like a good pair of leggings or our Maia Secret Fit Belly Skinny Ankle Maternity Pants, can go a long way.

Complete the Look

When choosing maternity bottoms, think about pairing them with complementary tops, such as cozy sweaters, elegant blouses, and chic blazers. Embrace this special time in your life by experimenting and enjoying your evolving maternity fashion style.

A Final Word

At Motherhood Maternity, we're more than just a brand; we're your trusted companion on this beautiful journey of motherhood. Our goal is to ensure every mom-to-be feels radiant, comfortable, and on-trend. Pregnancy is a transformative phase, and your wardrobe should evolve seamlessly with you. 

From our patented Secret Fit Belly technology to the softest fabrics, our curated collection is crafted with you in mind. Celebrate your unique style, cherish your growing bump, and let us be part of your memorable maternity moments.


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