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While meeting mamas across the US on our #MHROADTRIP, we’re giving back to their communities! Help us support mamas and babies by getting involved in charities like the Pearce Family Foundation, or by purchasing our Mamma Charity Tee.  $2 per tee is donated to these nonprofit organizations benefiting mothers & babies in need – we like to call it a “chari-tee.”


Our Phoenix mama, Meghan, is the CEO of the Pearce Family Foundation. The organization’s goal, according to its website, is to be “committed to being the bridge between the hospital and the home. We are devoted to giving back to families in our community by making a positive impact everyday.”

Mission Statement:
The Pearce Family Foundation exists so we can provide needed financial assistance to families at the home who have a child suffering from a chronic or life-threatening illness.

How did your organization get started?
I saw there was a disconnect between the hospital and the home after working for one of the children’s hospitals in Phoenix. The families are receiving a lot of attention and support at the hospital and then they go home and their electricity has been turned off or they are being evicted. I wanted to elevate that stress a family goes through so they can focus on their child's health. That was in July of 2013 and in April 2014 we received our nonprofit status.

Your service area:
We provide support to any family who lives in Arizona and who anywhere from a day old to 17 years old.

How do you assist moms and babies?
The foundation assists a lot of new moms and their babies with needed bills. About 80% of the families we help are single moms who are trying to keep a roof over their family’s head and take care of their sick child.

Stats and facts:
About 36% of parents who have a child with a life-threatening illness will lose their job due to their child’s illness. PFF will grant up to $2500 to a family to help pay for their rent/mortgage, utilities, and even car payments. We have also created additional initiatives such as Angel Pups which supports children who could benefit from a service dog.

Recent milestones:
The foundation has awarded over $250,000 since inception. We were able to award a family a vehicle a few years ago so a mom and her three sons could safely get to and from the hospital.

The organization’s impact:
Click here to watch a video about a family we have helped over the years.

Goals for the year ahead:
I would love one day to be able to have an apartment complex where we could house families who need a new place to stay. A lot of the apartments our families live in are not conducive to their child’s situation.

Getting involved:
You can find out about our upcoming events and how to get involved through our website: or check us out on social media @pffarizona

How to donate:
You can donate directly online or even sign up for our monthly giving campaign. These donations allow the foundation to say “yes” to more families throughout the year. With it being so hot in Arizona right now, we get a lot of electric bill requests and they are typically very expensive. Your donation would allow us to help more families in the Valley.

Donate, learn more or volunteer by visiting

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