The feeding journey is a wild ride – what’s even wilder is how quickly it ends! Your newborn is suddenly a toddler and those long days and nights of boobs, bottles, and snuggles are a distant memory. 

The Feeding Journey & What You’ll Miss

“I'll miss just the closeness, the physical closeness, of just like snuggling up and just having her there. Having her full attention for five minutes - I will definitely miss that.” Hear more from Colleen & discover how the journey ends.

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colleen mullaney

One of the Real Moms sharing her story for The Feeding Journey. Colleen was breastfeeding her 20-month old daughter Nina at the time of filming.


“I do like breastfeeding. I never thought I would be this into it at all. I thought we would do six months and that would be that and I would carry on with my days. But I really enjoy it. And it's just crazy to think that I'm a big sap over it. I love it. Like her little face is nuzzled up against me and then she's like, "All right, bye." And then I'll see her whenever she decides to return, but it's very sweet. I enjoy the bond that we have.”


“In the beginning, the thought of breastfeeding in public was very, very scary to me. Not because I didn't want to do it, but because of all of the backlash and weird negativity people put on it. That was very concerning to me because we live in Philadelphia and we're always out. I wasn't interested in supplementing with formula just because other people would be uncomfortable. And then once I had Nina, I was like, ‘Oh, this is ridiculous. Someone's uncomfortable because I'm feeding my child? That's just not my concern.’ So, I nurse her whenever she needs to.”

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corkey harvey

Corky Harvey, MS, RN and Internationally Board-Certified Lactation Consultant, is the co-founder of The Pump Station & Nurtury® in Los Angeles, CA. An educator for the UCLA Lactation Educator and Consultant programs for many years, she still lectures at hospitals and conferences.  

exclusive pumping Q&a

“I so badly wanted a natural and easy breastfeeding experience, and to bond with Hudson. We did everything we could to make it work. In the beginning, there was so much damage to my nipples, that I would only breastfeed once or twice a day and then the balance was pumping. But I really wanted to keep that time so we could bond. But as the weeks went by, I realized we weren’t exactly bonding – he would try to wiggle out of position, would yank off the boob, and honestly preferred the bottle.” Read More...