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An interview with MH Editor, Callan

MEET ADABELLE  Adabelle is a mom, social media strategist and blogger (@adabellebuntrock ) based in Atlanta, GA. Adabelle recently welcomed us into her home – and hometown – to talk about her life in Atlanta with her husband Logan, 2-year-old son Noah, and newborn daughter Elena, born in February. 
Tell us about living in Atlanta! Did you grow up there? 
I was actually born in Mexico and moved to the US in 1996 when I was eight years old. We moved here for a business opportunity for my dad, but we had some family living here already. Ever since then, Atlanta has been home. I went to school here all the way through college at Georgia Tech – go jackets! 

I’ve grown to love the city so much! It’s so lively, there’s so much to do, so many unique neighborhoods, and my whole family is here. A lot of my friends from college and high school still live here as well, so I feel like it would be hard to leave all these relationships. It was nice being able to start a family here and having my parents so close by. 

What do you love about the city?
There’s so much to do! Especially before COVID, we were always out and about. We also have the largest airport and so many great places that are just a drive away, so it’s easy to travel. I love how diverse and full of culture the city is.

Describe the local color of Atlanta.
BRIGHT! Everybody loves Atlanta. We have so much to offer and we just “get” one another. All the neighborhoods are so 
livelyand places are so welcoming. I love the Atlanta culture. 

What’s your favorite color? 
Pink! You could say I’m a girly girl. I’m happy to be a mom to a boy and girl, but I was so excited when we found out we were having a girl because that meant even more pink! 

What are you inspired by? 
My parents and my background. The fact that my parents moved here to pursue a business opportunity and we all didn’t speak English. I was the first one that somewhat learned the language and I had to be my parents’ translator for some time. I felt like that was a big responsibility and I was happy to help at such a young age. I feel like my parents always believed in me and have supported everything I’ve ever wanted to do. I know they’re proud of me and that makes me happy and feel accomplished. They’re always in the back of my mind and I continue to strive to make them proud.

Can you share your birth story? 
My first pregnancy was pretty tough. Everything that could’ve gone wrong happened. I ended up having an emergency C-Section, but my son made it all worth it. I was so happy to be a boy mom and I am thankful every single day for being a mom. My second pregnancy was a little easier as I was able to schedule my C-Section and I already knew what to expect.


What about your feeding journey – what has that been like? 
I’ve been pumping and bottle feeding. Breastfeeding is a full-time job on its own. I feel like not many people talk about it. Especially with having a toddler, it’s been very challenging. I have so many things to juggle and pumping is so time consuming.

Did you have any concerns about having a “quarantine baby”? 
I didn’t! If anything, I think I preferred it. My whole pregnancy I was working from home, so I was much more comfortable. It was nice being able to just lounge in pjs or leggings during the workday and not have to get dressed for the day. As far as delivery, our hospital didn’t allow any guests and I think it was super peaceful. While I wish my son could’ve come to visit, it was nice spending time with just my husband and our new baby.   

The BEST thing about being a mom right now?
I love everything about being a mom. I especially love my older son being so loving towards his sister. Due to COVID, I’ve been working from home for a year and I’m so grateful for all the time I got with my son and how much I got to see him grow and hit milestones. Right now, I’m really enjoying maternity leave and soaking up every moment with both my children.  

And the MOST CHALLENGING thing? 
Not having time to myself. Not being able to take a break, even if I’m sick. As moms, we are always “on” and the center of the household. Luckily, I have a really supportive husband who is super helpful and appreciates everything that I do. As a mom of two, it’s hard being able to dedicate enough time to both kids equally. They both need me in very different ways, and I try my best to be there for the both of them

So how do you juggle motherhood, your brand, and having a life?  
It’s tough! I feel like I’m constantly on my phone. I work full-time and blog on the side. I am really proud of how I have been able to grow my brand on top of all my responsibilities, especially being a mom. Like I said, my husband helps me out a lot and I could not do it without him! It also involves a lot of late nights to make sure everything on my to-do list gets done. I typically work again once the babies are in bed and I’m up until about midnight every day. Luckily, my husband is a morning person, so he lets me sleep in.  

Tell us about your blog, The Daily Belle 
The Daily Belle encompasses everything lifestyle. It’s all about my daily life, so really the sky is the limit. It started as a fashion blog and really expanded into travel, family, motherhood, and everything! I really value the trust of my readers and followers, so I enjoy sharing my experiences and tips on how to make life simpler and more manageable.  

How did you get started? 
I’ve always wanted to blog but never made it a priority. My husband really pushed me to go for it and told me he would handle the website and tech portion. I started my blog in July 2017, a couple of months after we got married. It’s been great seeing how far I have come and what I have accomplished. I’ve made so many new friends because of it and it really has pushed me as a person. I have grown a thick skin and have become more outgoing. It’s really a team effort, and my husband is actually really involved. He helps me make the business decisions, takes all my photos, and helps with all the tech stuff. The list goes on! 

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