October 16, 2020 2 min read


When’s my next appointment? When do I get my test results? Was that a kick? What color should I paint the nursery? I need to sign-up for my birthing class. I have to get my guest list together for the baby shower. What am I going to name this baby? Ouch, my hips hurt. I am so tired. I have to pee again…

Growing a baby keeps your mind and body literally SO busy. It is a completely overwhelming experience inside and out. BUT you still need to go about your normal routine – go to work, run errands, meet up with friends – and you have to get dressed to do those things.

When I was pregnant, I was kind of shocked by how quickly I needed to switch to maternity clothes. Even before I had an obvious bump, the waistband of my jeans just wasn’t comfortable. And my boobs? The lightest of breezes made them sore. So, before I even announced my pregnancy, I was looking at a closet full of clothes with absolutely nothing to wear. I wanted comfort, I wanted versatility – and most importantly, I didn’t want to keep buying new clothes as I grew.

Motherhood Maternity was founded by a real mom with these same real concerns. She had problems getting dressed – so she designed her own clothes, and Mothers Work (our OG name) was born. And after almost four decades of helping mamas feel more comfortable in their own skin, we’ve learned a thing or two.

One of our biggest lessons along the way is that getting dressed after baby arrives is possibly even harder than when you’re pregnant. Personally, I didn’t think it was possible, but my body changed even more rapidly after I gave birth. I’m pretty sure my boobs were a different cup size every hour. And I was so overwhelmed with my newborn that my brain basically RSVP-ed “no” to all day-to-day decisions – like getting dressed. I needed clothes that were effortless, comfortable, and supportive (so important because of my c-section), and that I could easily nurse in. And Motherhood gets it.

Made for mamas, by mamas, we understand the unique challenges of just putting on a pair of pants during pregnancy and after delivering a baby. We know that your bra size is a moving target. We know that sometimes changing out of your pajamas is literally the last thing you want to do.

So, problems with your clothes, mama? We have the Solutions.

Meet Our Solutions

The ingenious features on our Bottoms, Tops, and Support Solutions that make getting dressed, and feeling good, easy.

  • Bottoms that fit, flatter & support, no matter your stage of pregnancy or motherhood
  • Tops that grow with baby (in & out of the womb)
  • Support Solutions that alleviate discomfort during and after pregnancy


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