WE LOVE MOMS...Especially The Real Moms Behind Motherhood

May 07, 2021 2 min read

Editor: Callan 

Over the past year, and then some, of working remotely, we’ve all gotten a little glimpse into the home lives of our co-workers. We’ve all met the dogs who bark at inopportune moments, the husbands and wives trying to sneak by, and been curious about the whereabouts of those using a fake background (what’s going on over there guys? I need to know). And of course, we’ve gotten to meet everyone’s kids! 

And getting to see your co-workers in full on parent mode in their own home is so...refreshing. Especially being a brand for mothers, it really put things in perspective. Even more so when I see my co-workers as mothers with new babies. And this year has been booming in the baby department at Motherhood, with new arrivals for five mamas on our creative team!  
One of those mamas is Klaudia Vitale, our Sr. Art Director, and mom of now two beautiful girls. Her oldest daughter Vittoria is 8 years old, and she just welcomed baby Olivia at the end of January, so she’s currently on maternity leaveAnd we missed her so much on our Teams calls, that we asked her to be featured in our Mother’s Day video series.  

Usually the woman making magic happen behind the scenes, being our featured Real Mom on the screen was quite the role reversal for Klaudia, sharing how she felt at the shoot: “Very awkward. I give all these moms lots of props, they're amazing!” But I give major props to her. She somehow managed to deal with a newborn who pooped four times in a row mid-interview (and I am not exaggerating) and an energetic 8-year-old who was set on taking over as video director – all while having a thoughtful discussion with her mother and sister in front of a camera, and looking gorgeous while doing it. 
Like the other new mamas at Motherhood, she’s somehow juggling it all. She might not feel like she’s doing it seamlessly and gracefully – but she isI think moms in general don’t give themselves enough credit – we’re constantly asking how we could do more instead of recognizing all that we do.  
So, because it’s Mother’s Day, I just need to say, I am in awe of these mothers, my co-workers – and I see some of what you do (because your clock stops long after our Teams call does). 

I see you feeding your newborn while discussing a photoshoot. 
I see you fixing lunch for your toddler while reporting on sales (and math, while mothering? My brain is simply not capable). 
I see you rolling with the punches and putting on a smile when naptime didn’t go as planned.  
And I see you dealing with a slightly sick, fully dramatic, kid while keeping deadlines on track.  
I see you being a mother, and an incredible one at that. 

This year, on Mother’s Day, I’m having an extra slice of cake in honor of my fellow moms behind Motherhood – and all the mamas out there juggling the world on a few hours of sleep. Because they deserve it, and hey, so do I.  

From our families to yours 

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