August 18, 2021 5 min read

The Bras I Wore 24/7 During Pregnancy & While Nursing

By Editor & Bra Fanatic, Callan

Boobs and bras, whether you like it or not, are a big part of the pregnancy and motherhood journey. One of my favorite, jaw-dropping statistics is that pregnant and lactating breasts are 35% heavier than usual. It sounds shocking, but it holds up. Those things get heavy, and a good bra is absolutely necessary to save your back, breast tissue, and sleep patterns. So, if you’re looking for some advice on what maternity bras and nursing bras you need, look no further.

These are the bras I not only wore – but wore out – because they’re THAT good.


Using the Wrap Sleep Bra to hold my Freemie breast pump cups.

These maternity and nursing bras work just as hard as your boobs, but like an Instagram influencer, they make it look effortless. Don’t be deceived by their soft, wireless, no-fuss design. These bras have the perfect amount of stretch without sacrificing support and are 100% a necessity for the first trimester until your breastfeeding journey is over (or way after).

I don’t know about you, but my boobs were so incredibly sore during the first trimester, so this bra was literally a sleep saver. When I didn’t wear this bra to bed, rolling over in the middle of the night would wake me up because my breasts were so tender that the slightest movements were painful. The Wrap Maternity & Nursing Bras provided the perfect amount of support, without adding any pressure or irritation.

Later in pregnancy, once the breast tenderness subsided, they just felt so heavy! So, sleeping without “strapping them down” a little just felt…floppy? Don’t judge. I needed that bit of support to keep them contained and to distribute their weight a little better – especially since it’s recommended to sleep on your side during pregnancy. This bra kept them from feeling like two bricks sandwiched together as I laid down. Pregnancy is beautiful, isn’t it?

And then once baby is born, these bras continue to deliver and give you exactly what you need, when you need it. If you thought your boobs were heavy during pregnancy, it’s nothing compared to waking up to engorged, cement-filled boobs at 3 a.m. You’re carrying a set of water balloons on your chest that are either going to burst everywhere or harden like water freezing over. You need support, and you definitely need somewhere to stick your nursing pads. Get this bra in multiple colors, because it’s going to be washed a lot.


The Ribbed Knit & a nursing pillow go together like PB&J

How do I put into words my love for this bra? I could probably start by explaining that I stopped nursing a year ago and am still wearing this bra. Whenever a friend or family member asks what they need clothes-wise when they get pregnant, the Rib Knit Maternity and Nursing Bra is ALWAYS at the top of the list. This isn’t just my favorite maternity and nursing bra – it’s my favorite bra. Period. I think it’s the best bra ever made.

Why do I love it so much? Let’s start with the magic of this bra. This bra is a pullover style with no back clasp, but it is somehow so supportive, while being extremely comfortable. To put this in perspective, I have not been able to wear a pullover sports bra since I was in middle school. I need the back-clasp sports bras with the adjustable straps to keep things locked and loaded. So, I was as shocked as you are when this bra worked for me. What also shocked me – no uniboob. Even though it’s a soft, seamless style, it keeps the rolling hills alive instead of mashing things into one large mountain.

The rib knit texture and the wide band are what makes the level of support possible on this bra. They work together to offer 360 degrees of support and keep you feeling comfortable. And trust me – these features deliver the intended results.

Another thing I love – how it looks. It’s like your favorite tank top in bra form. It’s sporty and cute and looks great peeking out under clothes. This was great news for pregnancy and nursing when my boobs were larger than my newborn’s head. Every shirt became low cut on my ever-increasing bust size, and these bras added the perfect bit of extra coverage – without the need of wearing an additional layer. And of course, the clip down straps were vital when nursing. Just unsnap and start feeding, then reclip with ease.

This bra is also so durable. I can’t tell you how often I wore the same Rib Knit bra all through pregnancy and nursing, unclipping and reclipping, and machine washing it. And they still look and feel great. I’m telling you – they’re MAGIC.



THIS BRA. I had the opportunity to wear test this bra during the design phase, and I was blown away. I had just come back to work from maternity leave and was using one of those other pumping bras that zipped up. My at-work pumping sessions consisted of me going up to the mother’s room, taking my top and bra off, zipping on the pumping bra, putting in the flanges and starting to pump. It felt like just setting myself up to pump was a chore. And then I’d sit there stressed that I was taking too long and needed to get back to work. Also, getting undressed at work and sitting there naked from the waist up (or in just underwear the one time I spaced and wore a non-pumping friendly dress to work) feels uncomfy.

But then the Motherhood bra goddesses asked me to wear test the Hands-Free Pumping & Nursing Bra. This smart little bra made my pumping sessions so much more efficient. The bra clips down like our Seamless Nursing Bra, but it has an inner layer with a slit opening for each breast to insert your pump flange and hold it in place hands-free while pumping. All I had to do was pull my shirt up, unclip, and insert the flanges. And then I could sit there and answer e-mails (…or play Candy Crush) and be done the whole thing in 10-15 minutes.

What was even nicer was that I could nurse in the same bra. And I could wear it all day, because it looks and fits like a normal bra under clothes. I would pump in it at work, and then when I got home, I unclipped, pulled aside the inner layer and was ready to nurse my daughter. If you are someone who pumps frequently, GET THIS BRA. Get a couple of them, because this will be your go-to style every day.

In a nutshell, my bra recommendations:

Top Maternity & Nursing Bra for Sleep & Lounging:


Top Maternity & Nursing Bra for Everyday:


Top Nursing & Pumping Bra for Work:


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