Editor Callan

The holidays can be magical and wonderful…but they can also be stressful! Figuring out holiday plans (especially this year), budgeting for and finding the perfect gifts, and trying to make everything as perfect as possible, can leave you kind of drained – especially when you’re pregnant.

So, to help you (and honestly, ourselves) get through it all, we partnered with Amber Trueblood, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, to share practical tips for getting through the holidays with less stress! Amber is also a speaker, writer, retreat host and mother to four sons. In her book “Stretch Marks: A Self-Development Tool for Mothers Who are Being Stretched in Every Direction,” she shares practical parenting tools for moms trying to manage it all.

(Learn more about Amber by visiting her website:

In our video series, “Mom Hacks: Practical Tools for New & Expecting Moms,” Amber shares how to alleviate holiday stress, how to manage the season of giving, how to deal with difficult family interactions, and how to be kinder to yourself! Her practical advice will help you to manage all the stresses of the holidays (and beyond) while taking care of your own mental wellbeing.

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