December 28, 2020 2 min read

Editor: Callan Russo

We had the chance to speak to so many people this year to share their insights, wisdom, and stories with our community. Here are the expert and video series you watched the most.

  1. Doctor to Mama Q&A
    Meagan Morrison, OBGYN, and 8-month pregnant mama, Jackie, chat about pregnancy milestones, challenges and concerns from conception through postpartum care. This 13-part series includes:
  1. Motherly Advice
    Diana Spalding, Certified Midwife, Pediatric Nurse, and Digital Education Editor of @mother.ly answers our questions on trying to conceive during the pandemic, writing a birth plan, and dealing with labor pain – plus so much more. This 9-part series includes:
  2. IVF Q&A
    David Adamson, world-renowned & board-certified reproductive endocrinologist, shares his advice on fertility treatments and how they have been impacted by COVID-19. This 5-part series includes:
  1. National Breastfeeding Month
    For the month of August, Breastfeeding Awareness Month, we spoke to lactation experts to share breastfeeding facts, tips and tricks. Anything you want to know about feeding your baby, we covered. This 20-part series includes:
  2. Quarantine Convos: The Juggle is Real
    Two expecting mamas share their concerns and challenges of being pregnancy during the pandemic. This 5-part series includes:





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