Motherhood Maternity® is known for making the best maternity jeans and the best maternity pants, so it's no surprise we’ve stayed true to our name and created a collection of bottoms made for post-partum wear. The BOUNCEBACK Collection includes post pregnancy leggings, denim and pants and features two different compression belly panels that aid in helping new moms rediscover their pre-pregnancy bellies, possibly even quicker than they would without them!

Unlike girdles and other full post-pregnancy support bands, the BOUNCEBACK panel is sewn directly on to the pants so there is no extra bulk, fuss, or discomfort. We offer two different styles: the Power Mesh Band, designed to sit lower on your waist and provide medium compression, and the Seamless Compression Tube, which has a higher rise and stronger compression. In addition to providing a seamless and smooth effect under clothing, they help hold in your post pregnancy belly with light pressure, ensuring you feel in control and confident. They are an easy and effortless way for you to feel like yourself again. You aren't just bouncing back, but rather bouncing forward to being the best new mom and new you!



The question we always get here is: "When should I buy nursing bras?" The truth is... from the first time you feel and see your breasts grow during pregnancy. Our maternity bras ARE nursing bras. Investing early on and finding the right fit will pay off for the rest of your trimesters, straight into motherhood and nursing.

Although we recommend coming in to your nearest Motherhood® store to get fitted by our professionals, you can measure your band and cup size at home. (See our maternity fit guide.) Your breasts may grow two to four full sizes during pregnancy, as well as directly after birth. All of our maternity bras feature an accessible way to breastfeed or pump. Whether the straps are clip-down or the bra has a pull-over front, they all remain discreet and comfortable. The reason Motherhood® has the best maternity bras and the best nursing bras is due to our endless efforts to continue finding and creating comfortable styles that work for you. We offer a wide range of fits from full coverage, to demi bras, to sleep styles, sports bras and seamless ones too. We know there is a type you will love.



Our New Mom collection doesn't just start and end with nursing bras. Motherhood® has the best nursing styles in general! You can find nursing tops and dresses specifically made for you. With pull-over access, faux wrap tops, and lift-up layers… there’s a tank, cami, tee, blouse, or dress that will get you home from the hospital, to back at work after maternity leave ends.

New moms also need all the sleep they can get without complicated nursing clothing or uncomfortable pieces. If you’ve been dreaming away in our maternity pajamas, then chances are you have a style that is already prepared for those mid-night feedings. Our best maternity pajamas, like the maternity sleep gowns, feature clip-down straps. Even our maternity sleep sets are made for new moms, with button-down fronts, stretchy V-necks, and underbelly pants that provide comfort for post-delivery bodies.



We carry a full range of nursing accessories to help you transition into motherhood. Try our nursing scarves and cover-ups for discreet breastfeeding to keep busy moms on the move. There are also nipple balms and nursing lotions to help soothe and smooth sore bodies. With nursing pads, a hands-free bra for efficient pumping, as well as diaper bags to throw everything in… we want to be your one-stop-shop for everything motherhood related. It is our name after all!