Need help finding the perfect fitting bra?
Use our measuring guide to help find your size.


Comfort is key. Our line of intimates perfectly adapt to your changing needs both during pregnancy and post-partum. Our maternity bras with nursing function provide comfort and support up top as you transition from pregnancy to nursing.

Maternity + Nursing bras

How to measure:

band size: This is the first number on a bra size, it is the measurement around the mid-section of your upper body, just below the bust line. Odd / decimal numbers round-up to the next even number.

example: 33.25" ➤ 34"

bust size: This measurement is the fullest part of your bust. When you subtract the band size you get your cup size. For each inch, cup size moves up. Choose the larger cup size if you're in between, so you have room to grow during maternity.

Sleep bras

cup size
b s
c m
d l
dd xl / 1x
ddd 2X
g 3X
h n/a


pre-pregnancy size maternity size
4 - 6 s
8 - 10 m
12 - 14 l
16 - 18 xl
18 - 20 1X
22 - 24 2X
26 - 28 3X