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Nursing Tops When you first hold your newborn baby in your hands, nothing in the world matters but you and your newborn. Once you take your newborn home, however, you need to think about other important issues, such as how you're going to manage breastfeeding your newborn in the coming months. One thing that is essential for all nursing moms is a good wardrobe of breastfeeding clothes. Here at Motherhood, we've found that nursing bras, nursing tops, and nursing sleepwear are the three items that new moms find most helpful.

The most important breastfeeding clothing you can have is a good nursing bra. Nursing bras are specially designed to comfortably support your new curves, but also have easy-to-open flaps that provide easy access for your hungry baby. Motherhood offers both daytime nursing bras and sleep nursing bras, which provide lightweight support while you grab a few hours of sleep between feedings. One of our bestselling night bras is the Wrap Nursing Sleep Bra, which comes in a variety of sizes and colors. Because new mothers often find themselves wearing nursing bras around the clock, many find it helpful to own at least three nursing bras to rotate between washes.

Out of all the breastfeeding clothes available at Motherhood, nursing tops are some of our most popular. Nursing tops have hidden openings that let you nurse your baby without feeling over-exposed. They cover your tummy area, yet provide the baby with easy access to your breast when needed. Motherhood Maternity has a wide selection of stylish breastfeeding tops that look like your everyday shirts and blouses, so you never have to sacrifice style for function.

Finally, you'll definitely want to stock up on nursing pajamas and sleepwear. Nursing sleepwear is essential for getting through nighttime feedings. The easy-to-access openings allow you to pull the baby into bed with you and feed while lying down, so you can still rest while breastfeeding. Whether you prefer nursing gowns or pajama sets, Motherhood Maternity has what you need, with a great selection that's always designed with soft fabrics and your comfort in mind.

Breastfeeding clothes are an essential part of every nursing mom's wardrobe, and Motherhood makes it easy to stock up on all your post-pregnancy wardrobe staples. Visit the nursing clothessection of our site, and you'll see that we offer all the clothes you need to make breastfeeding your new baby a breeze.

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