Breastfeeding Bras

Breastfeeding Bras If you choose to nurse your newborn, breastfeeding bras will become an essential part of your post-pregnancy wardrobe. With the right breastfeeding bra, you can easily nurse your infant and still get all the support and comfort you need. Good breastfeeding bras come in a variety of styles, are designed with easy-to-open cups, and offer more support than regular bras.

Personal preference often dictates which breastfeeding bra works best for you. When shopping for a breastfeeding bra, you're likely to feel most comfortable wearing the same type of bra you wore before your pregnancy. Luckily, Motherhood Maternity offers a variety of seamless, soft-cup and underwire styles with different support options. Do you like a little lace? We've got full coverage and demi lace bras just for you. Prefer a sports bra? We've got you covered. There's sure to be at least one bra that's right for you.

Nighttime feedings are especially tricky for new moms, so pairing a sleep nursing bra with a nursing gown may be just the trick for keeping breastfeeding as simple as possible in the middle of the night. In fact, many new moms find breastfeeding bras designed for nighttime use to be so comfortable that they wear them round the clock. In that case, you're likely to need several breastfeeding bras so that you can rotate them out between washes.

Regardless of when and where you need to nurse your baby, Motherhood has designed the perfect breastfeeding bra for you at a great price. Shop our full selection of nursing bras now!

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