Maternity Belly Bands for Pregnancy

Stay in your pre-pregnancy clothes as long as possible with maternity belly bands for pregnancy from Our collection of belly support bands is built with your changing shape in mind, providing the comfort and support that you and your baby bump need. Maternity belly bands, made out of comfortable stretchy fabric that fits snugly over your belly, offer lower belly and back support and discreetly sit underneath your pre-pregnancy maternity clothes so you can wear them longer and get the support you need, especially during your second and third trimesters. A maternity belly band like Motherhood's patented Tummy Sleeve can be worn over un-buttoned pre-pregnancy pants or jeans, giving you additional wardrobe flexibility every day.

Belly bands are versatile enough to help you to make the transition back to your pre-pregnancy clothes as well, allowing you to wear pre-maternity clothes sooner than you expected after giving birth. If you need even more support, try our maternity support belts both pre-pregnancy and postpartum. And don't forget to check out our selection of maternity shapewear for additional ways to smooth your silhouette and stay comfortably stylish during and after your pregnancy.
The Tummy Sleeve By Motherhood Maternity
The Tummy Sleeve By Motherhood Maternity

that in-between stage, when your pre-pregnancy pants are just a little too tight and maternity pants are still too big

layering under maternity tops or for extra
coverage while nursing

after baby, as you transition back into your
pre-pregnancy pants

Licensed under US Patent #7181775
The Tummy Sleeve By Motherhood Maternity
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