Plus Size Tummy Sleeve

To get the extra support you need while you're pregnant, give Motherhood's patented plus size Tummy Sleeve a try. This specially designed plus tummy band will keep you in your pre-pregnancy clothes much longer, ensuring you can look your best without sacrificing comfort. And after your baby is born, you'll find that the plus size Tummy Sleeve will help you transition back into your pre-pregnancy outfits more quickly. Motherhood offers a variety of plus size maternity shapewear as well, so you'll be sure to find one that works for you both before and after your baby is born.
Plus Size Tummy Sleeve
Plus Maternity Tummy Sleeve
A versatile basic for before, during, and
after pregnancy. Itís a mom-to-be must have!

Wear Your Pre-Pregnancy Pants Longer
smoothes lines from unbuttoned jeans or pants
Plus Maternity Tummy Sleeve
Extra Support For Your Plus Maternity Pants
wear folded down or in a single layer for more coverage
Plus Maternity Tummy Sleeve
Wear Post Baby Plus Size Pants Sooner
offers postpartum support as you transition
back to your regular wardrobe

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Licensed under US Patent #7181775                         
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