Holiday Return Policy

Items shipped by Motherhood Mathernity between November 15, 2016 and December 31, 2016 may be returned until January 31, 2017 for a full refund, subject to our other return guidelines listed below. Items shipped from sellers such as Amazon, are subject to this same holiday return policy, unless otherwise stated in the seller's individual return policy. For more details on policies for items not shipped by Motherhood Mathernity, see Seller Returns Policies below.

In-Store Purchases: Returns & Exchanges

Items purchased in stores must be returned or exchanged at a store location, within 30 days of purchase. You will need your original store receipt.

Internet & Phone Order Return Policy

You now have two options for how to Return OR Exchange your Internet order.

Option 1: Return or Exchange at a Store:

Option 2: Return or Exchange by Mail:

Click Here to Print a Blank Return/Exchange Form

Mailing your Internet Return:

Please complete your Return/Exchange form in its entirety and detach the bottom portion of the form and put this on the outside of your return.

Send your Return back to us in a sturdy box or envelope.

Returns & Exchanges For Orders Paid for with Gift Cards

All orders that are returned that have been paid for with a gift card will be refunded to the original gift card used.

All split payment orders (on which a gift card was used and the balance was paid with a credit card or Paypal account) will receive a refund credit to their gift card first (until the full amount of that gift card is refunded), then the remainder of the refund will be issued to the other payment method used for the order.

If an exchange is requested, the refunded gift card will be used to fulfill the new order, as long as a balance remains on the gift card. If the exchange order exceeds the amount available on the refunded gift card, the credit card used on the original order (if you used multiple payments) will be billed the additional funds needs to complete the exchange order.

If you make a return and you no longer have the original gift card, please call our Customer Service line and they will supply you with the original gift card number so you may re-use this amount on future online or phone orders. You will not be able to use this refunded gift card amount at our store locations unless you have the actual card available. Stores cannot use a gift card balance without having an actual gift card to swipe through their register.

Returns & Exchanges For PayPal Orders

Returns and exchanges on orders paid using PayPal are handled differently because these orders are directly billed by PayPal.

Returns & Exchanges for Amazon Orders

Returns and exchanges for orders placed on are handled differently because the orders are directly billed through Amazon and no payment information is provided to our company for these orders. Following is the Amazon-specific return policy: purchases must be returned/exchanged by mail to Destination Maternity Returns Center, 1000 John Galt Way, Florence Township, NJ, 08016.

Returns & Exchanges for International Checkout Orders

Please note that our partner, International Checkout, coordinates your online order and is responsible for returns and exchanges related to your International order. Orders made through International checkout can not be returned to any of our store locations or our postal return address. Contact International Checkout directly for information about returns or exchanges:

International Checkout Customer Service
Hours: 8 am to 6 pm PST
USA Phone: +001.310.601.8196
UK Phone: +44.20.8133.2436
Australia Phone: +61.28003.4685
Germany Phone: +49.618.530.9342
Sweden Phone: +46.4069.35779
Ireland Phone: +01.443.3715
New Zealand Phone: +09.889.0408

For additional questions about returns and exchanges, feel free to contact us.